Kitchen Solution

We set and equip all types of commercial kitchens

These include:

Satellite kitchen for food and beverage outlet such as specialty restaurants that operate central processing and preparation of food. Active / Open kitchen for fast food outlets, specialty restaurant or bars. We give a layout design, equip and set up all aspects of the kitchen operations including:

Receiving areas for supplies

Storage facilities for all type of goods including dry, cold, beverage and air–conditioning storage for perishable. Preparation areas for different foods such as vegetarian, meets seafood ,pastry ,bakery and cold preparation.

Hot Kitchen areas for bulk and ala-carte kitchens with processes such as steaming, boiling, flaming, sauté roasting, regeneration ovens etc,

Survey areas,both hot and cold equipped with hot cupboards, shelve and cold refrigerator. Dish wash and pot was and wash areas including assorting area, pre-wash ,conveyor system etc.



We have expertise in setting up all types of Bars including dispense Bars and interactive Bars. Special equipment manufactured and sourced for Bars includes ice cube machines; ice cube holding; glass wash – under counter and brush type in sink; bartender cocktail unit; speed rails; display cookers–under counter and back bar, top loaders, wine coolers and facility for storage of glasses under the counter. Bars are also equipped with hot and cold beverage dispensers, juicers and soda kegs.We work with you to ensure your site positions your company as an industry leader, and connects and resonates with your audience, generating leads, attracting new business, and creating opportunities.


We have executed bakery and confectionery projects for various types of small and medium bakeries. Equipment sourced and fabricated for bakeries provides for the full range of processes such as raw material storage mixing, proving, baking, slicing, display and packing.



The equipments designed for buffet service depends on 2 factors – the style and decor of the area and the technical requirement of the operation. Design plays a key role in creating the desired impact while appropriate technical specification ensures operational delivery. We offer the entire range of buffet solutions from simple table top set ups to state of the art items such as induction hobs, induction Chaffers, induction pans, cook packs and energy saving hot and cold plates. Buffet Solutions can be customized for the following.

  • Soup and bread stations
  • Refrigerated salads – tossing and display
  • Hot food dispense counters
  • Dessert display refrigerated and heated.
  • Active cooking stations including those forpasta, grills, Chinese, Indian
  • Tandoor, Spanish Pasta , Kenyan Nyama Grill, Japanese Sushi among others

Industrial canteen

We have set up canteens and cafeterias for a number of business and commercial establishments including office complexes as well as educational institutions such as schools and universities. The facilities include full scale kitchens and restaurant areas including stores, kitchen, display and servery or just ‘hold and serve’ facilities for outdoor catering.

Industrial canteen
Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens

We have expertise in designing, building and installing outdoor kitchens for commercial as well as residential use. Design is created using a combination of stainless steel, hardwood and stone. The kitchen is fitted with heavy duty stainless steel equipment with well defined preparation, cooking, storage, servery, and bar areas. Clients have a wide choice of design and finishes.

Hygienic solutions

We set and equip all types of commercial kitchens

We offer custom designed hygiene stations to be installed at entry points to the kitchen and preparation areas. These hygiene stations, made of stainless steel include hand wash Basins; Knee operated taps, soap, sterilizer and towel dispenser, a mirror and an enclosed dustbin. We also offer stand alone dustbins for recycling stations and trash compactors, compact hand wash basins, canceled insect cutters and stainless steel wall claddings.


Mobile kitchens

We set and equip all types of commercial kitchens

We manufacture fully equipped mobile kitchens suitable for Pizzeria, BBQ, Burger, ice-cream, bakery, catering, Server line counter, Chicken & fries, Crepes & Tapas, subway Salads & Sandwich. We can also custom build container Kitchens in 20ft Or 40ft containers for remote site catering suitable for army bases, Oil rigs, Mining sites, filming locations and other long term remote operations. We manufacture state of the art customized fitted kitchens with highest safety standards for installations and operations suitable for food transport with neutral , heated or refrigerated facilities. Every square inch is designed purposefully to maximize utilization. The specification of material for body work and equipment are special and heavy duty. The interior is stainless steel with Gas/electrical & plumbing put in place as required. The equipment is bolted together and space is created for gas cylinder bank, central power, inbuilt water tank and drain collection tank.

Quick retail service

Quick retail service option have become very popular in recent years and we offer the complete solution for different food concepts including storage, preparation, cooking, and servery integrated in a small space, designed efficiently and aesthetically, for a better customer experience. We have experience in creating solutions for Grills, Meal service, chicken based meals, Ice cream, beverages and pizzeria


Cold rooms and freezers

Our cold rooms and freezers are available from smaller sizes to bigger walk-in models. There are no any dimension limits we can do any sizes and variations what our customer needs. Special sizes can be adapted to any storage space or facility what customers have. Both commercial walk-in cold and freezer rooms can be built by painted metal or stainless steel. For special purposes we can use other materials as well. For example PE coated or wooden patterned walls


Coffee Shop solution

We have experience in setting up coffee shops as standalone units or those attached to a Bar, Bakery or Restaurant. Coffee shops are designed to be interactive with preparation areas that blend easily with the interiors and décor theme. We offer a wide range of specialty coffee machines that can be combined with facilities for active coffee grinding, coffee packing, dispensing or display. Coffee shops are typically equipped with a back bar counter with sink, under counter fridge, upright displays, condiment racks and pastry/ sandwich/ snacks display counters of various lengths and sizes. We can source or manufacture custom made equipment for all the requirements in a coffee shop.

Restaurants solution

Our expertise lies in translating the concept and design brief into reality by providing an end to end solution that includes all aspects such as the back-end kitchen set up; restaurant development including civil work and furniture; equipment sourcing of fabrication and installation. The focus is on integrating functional aspects into the overall design concept such that they blend with the aesthetics of the outlet.


“We love what we do and are a bit obsessive with our projects — paying meticulous attention to every detail. That’s why we apply the same level of care to every project as if it were our own.”

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