The Company Profile

F-Kay Designs is a professional company with an experienced team of technicians specialized in layout design, fabrication, supply & installation and technical support in all types of kitchen & industrial plants. We believe in quality, flexible & conclusive working products. Our aim is to build modern commercial kitchens sensitive to African needs. We provide solutions to new projects and rehabilitation of existing facilities to high standards. We will provide you with maximum satisfaction in all aspects of quality, aesthetics and ergonomics.


Through positive energy, creativity & innovation, we aspire  to be the definitive source of quality layout design, fabrication, supply & installation and technical maintenance support of food &beverage service equipments.

“To be the leader in provision of solutions and services to the hospitality  industry”



We are the source of layout design, fabrication, supply & installation and provider of technical support of the entire range of service equipments appropriate for the hospitality industry in bars, coffee shops, restaurants, canteens, resorts & hotels. We offer our clients quality, appropriate value of these goods and services at the lowest overall cost available and at the time needed

“We strive to be the leading supplier of the finest quality products suitable for the hospitality industry.”


We are a customer driven organization where processes of providing quality goods and services to meet our customers’ needs satisfactorily is key. This is achieved through an innovative approach to problem solving, proactive supply & delivery and meeting the needs of the people we serve utilizing approved methods and available new technologies. These checks and balances are further monitored for continuous improvement.


  • Teamwork
  • Creative & innovative solutions
  • Effectiveness and high levels of productivity
  • Zero defects


We believe that the success of any food & beverage operation lies in the customer experience which is not just a factor of ambiance or service, but the ability to meet the promise of the menu. Hence, the project commences with an understanding of the menu. Our team has the unique ability to combine the knowledge of engineering and technology with F&B concepts and has also gained invaluable insight through experience and interaction with food & beverage professionals in different capacities from various parts of the world. We source and manufacture equipment for clients, depending on the requirement. Our steel fabrications are of the highest quality and finish as we have invested in a finishing machine to brush finish the steel sheets before fabrication which gives the end product an excellent machine finished surface. We provide a distinct edge to clients in the manner in which we approach the project. We take charge of the entire project and lead all the other civil, mechanical and electrical contractors, taking responsibility for the end product delivered to the client.


Our team of professionals understand the requirements of the customer from type of food i.e. the menu, number of pax, type of service, floor area available, logistics of receiving to server energy and safety elements budgets constraints if  any and ventilation requirements. Based on this, an equipment layout is prepared using suitable drawing software that plans the utilization of every square inch of space in the most ideal manner. The layout also specifies the equipment to be installed be it cutting edge technology equipment or basic easy to use and maintain type of tested technology items. We work with the client, architects and consultants to integrate our designs with the overall development plans.