General Maintenance Services for Commercial Kitchen, Laundry, Hospital, Cold room Equipment,

maintainaWe offer a full range of maintenance services for whole kitchens and individual pieces of catering equipment. If you’re in need of general maintenance, repairs or replacement, simply contact us today and we will provide a cost effective solution

Commercial kitchen maintenance

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Regular maintenance of your Kitchen equipments will help you to avoid potential breakdowns which can be very costly to your business. Our team of engineers can make sure that your equipment is operating the way it should be and identify any common issues that may be arising and correct them quickly for you. This will extend the life span of your equipment and save you money in the long run.

All kitchens are different so the maintenance contract will be tailored to your requirements. We can advise you on the best type of contract to have once we have evaluated your kitchen and established how often the equipment is used. We will always try to work in line with your budget and offer you a practical solution to your needs.

We would advise that at the very least your commercial kitchen equipment should be serviced once a year. We can offer you a value for money maintenance service that will give you the peace of mind that all your equipment is safe to use.

Services include:

  • Whole kitchen service
  • Catering equipment repair
  • Speedy call-out response
  • Efficient maintenance
  • Cost effective solutions