Commercial dry cleaning machine

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The F-kay Designs range distinguishes itself, because it is unique thanks to the capacity of associating extremely compact dimensions with first-class performance/high quality level of the cleaning and the saving of the operating cost, issues which are particularly intensified by the special design of the machine utilizing the ( VPS ) Vibration Prevention System.

That is why the F-kay Designs is also much appreciated by all those operators, whose first problem to solve is the very limited space in the work environment and/or the high cost for its exploitation, without wanting to renounce at the high stability of the dry cleaning machine against vibrations, the convenience and the quality of the results.

Also the F-kay Designs  series, ranging from 6 to 22 kg load capacity (13 to 48 lb.), therefore distinguishes itself for its numerous innovative features and for the remarkable flexibility in satisfying the requirements of not only the most demanding dry cleaning shops, but also of the most important hotel chains, large communities and textile industries of the highest level.

Moreover it can be equipped with the most advanced filtering systems NO-FLEX® and with the latest generation of decolorating filters of the CARBON Tower system®.